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  TurboConferencing currently delivers free audio conferencing service to TurboMeeting web conferencing customers. The integration between the two systems is limited to synchronized meeting room reservation. By the summer of 2011, TurboConferencing  will offer advanced integrated audio conferencing services:
  1. Integrate TurboMeeting softphone based audio conferencing with land-line audio conferencing so that attendees using softphone or landline phones can talk together. The entire voice conversation can be recorded with computer screen and webcam video.
  2. Provide an integrated toll-free audio conferencing service
  3. Provide a very affordable integrated audio conferencing service for international users (meeting hosts and attendees). The costs will be close to that of domestic audio conferencing for most countries.


We know how critical audio conferencing is. Almost all web conferencing service providers offer free audio conferencing. However, to save costs, most of them use "free audio conferencing" services that cost nothing to them. Those "free audio conferencing" services direct calls to small telecom vendors located in the Midwest of the US. These telecom vendors are allowed to charge higher termination fees to telephone companies. Because of that, more and more telephone companies block your calls and your attendees' calls to these free audio conferencing services. As a result, with inferior “free audio conferencing” services you will probably experience attendees that cannot join your audio conferences.

RHUB does not save costs at the expense of having certain attendees being unable to join the audio conference. TurboConferencing provides a reliable audio conferencing service.



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